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    Tunceli Beaches

    The beaches on the coast of the Munzur and Pülümür streams are very popular among local people, particularly during the summer months, along with activities such as swimming and beach volleyball.

    Munzur National Park

    Set between the Tunceli city centre and the Ovacık District, Munzur Valley has an area of 42,000 hectares. Declared as a National Park in 1971, Munzur has over 1,600 species of plants, of which 270 are endemic to Tunceli, along with a diverse range of wildlife. Visitors to the national park can see animals such as mountain goats, bears, antelope, wild boar, wolves and foxes in their natural habitats. Oaks are the dominant trees in the park, while elm, silver birch, alder, ash, plane tree, birch, walnut and hazel are also among the flora in the region.

    Kepir Plateau

    Kepir Plateau (Kepir Yaylası), in the Ovacık district, is at an altitude of 3,377 metres. The plateau is a wonder of nature, featuring clear-running streams, glacial lakes and deep green meadows; it is a gorgeous place to visit throughout the year and a veritable paradise in the summer months. While it is a long walk to the plateau, it is well worth the effort!

    Rafting on Munzur Stream

    Summer temperatures in Tunceli are an average of 30 degrees (C) in the summer months. Warm weather makes a visit to Munzur Stream (Munzur Nehri) especially attractive. This fast-flowing river also has superb conditions for rafting. Tunceli hosted an international rafting championship for the first time in Türkiye – the R4 World Rafting Championship was organized here in 2019.

    Ovacık Ski Resort

    Established in 2015, Ovacık Ski Resort (Ovacık Kayak Merkezi), in Öveçler Village of the Ovacık District, features crystal - snow and skiing for four months of the year.  

    Keban Dam Lake

    The Çemişgezek, Pertek and Mazgirt districts share a coastline on the enormous Keban Dam Lake (Keban Baraj Gölü), which has a surface area of 675 kilometres and a ferry port on its shores. The lake’s presence has moderated climate conditions in the nearby valleys, making the weather milder, and the area is thus more hospitable to picnics and camping. The lake is also notable for various water sports, notably swimming. Fishing is popular around Çemişgezek, Göktepe and Akpazar.

    Uzunçayır Dam Lake

    The dam was built on a river formed by the intersection of the Pülümür and the Munzur. The dam lake begins at the Mazgirt Bridge and covers an area thay reaches the Tunceli city centre. Its shores are suitable for picnics, camping, water sports and hand-line fishing.  

    Monumental Plane Tree

    The centuries-old Monumental Plane Tree (Anıt Çınar Ağacı), in Sağman Village, was placed under protection by the High Council of Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation. In front of the tree is a pool, as well as a fountain that flows throughout the year. Visitors can rest in the shade of this tree while enjoying the surrounding nature.


    Cicim are a type of thin-edged Anatolian rug. Often used as wall hangings, the rugs are woven in the Hozat district of Tunceli.


    A heybe is a type of shoulder bag. Handwoven heybes can be purchased in Tunceli, as souvenirs or gifts.